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Rouzer's Latest Pinocchio-Gram, Brunswick Beacon, Jan. 20, 2022

Our Congressman David Rouzer clearly feels little need to be accountable to his constituents. He stubbornly refuses to hold town hall meetings - his last one was in 2017. In his self-serving newsletters, he misrepresents the facts and tells half-truths. As Ben Franklin observed, “half the truth is often a great lie.”

Case in point: in a recent “Action Report,” or Pinocchio-gram, dated Jan. 5 on his website, Rouzer claims credit for infrastructure benefits for our district in a bill that he opposed! Specifically, with regard to H.R. 4502, he stated, “I secured funding for multiple infrastructure projects in the 7th Congressional District.”

In reality, Rouzer fought to kill the bill. That’s right, he did not vote to pass the bill ( Democrats in the House, because they hold the majority, passed H.R. 4502, with zero help from Republicans. Now Rouzer says he hopes the Senate will pass it too. Then he can continue to dishonestly take credit for an infrastructure win for our district, while keeping his real boy status in McConnell’s party of “no.”

In the same newsletter, Rouzer said, "Our infrastructure is the lifeblood of the district, providing for tens of thousands of jobs in the tourism, trade, and construction industries. Ensuring that our roads, airports, beaches, and ports remain in top condition is one of my main priorities while serving in Congress.” He actually speaks the truth about the importance of infrastructure in our district.

But actions speak louder than words, and Rouzer’s actions tell a different story. Our duplicitous Congressman also opposed Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which will bring considerable, much-needed funding to our state. Apparently maintaining membership in Trump and McConnell’s do-nothing, opposition party is far more important than actually meeting the needs of his district and its constituents.

Art Hill



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