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Released Marine's Family Thanks Biden, May 5, 2022

“We are grateful beyond words…We think President Biden saved our son's life today," said the parents of Marine veteran Trevor Reed, just released after 985 days of Russian imprisonment because President Biden arranged a prisoner swap.

In August 2019 Reed was arrested in Moscow. Following a sham trial that U.S. officials called “theater of the absurd,” he was convicted and sentenced to nine years in a prison colony.

Reed was imprisoned while Trump was president. Trump often bragged about his relationship with Putin. In a March 4 video, Trump told pro golfer John Daly “You know, he was a friend of mine, I got along great with him.” Still, Trump was either unable to persuade Putin to release Reed or he never even tried.

Reed’s parents are convinced it was the latter. “The thing that administration didn’t do…was speak publicly against the things that the Russian government has done,” said Joey Reed. “As far as our son goes, Trump and Pompeo never said his name.”

Desperate, the Reeds appealed to President Biden. In March, Biden called and met with them at the White House for more than 30 minutes. “We couldn’t have asked for more,” Joey Reed said.

Paula Reed echoed her husband’s message and said they were able to “say what we wanted to say.” She also said the president listened closely, and they were “grateful” for that.

Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine had already begun. Trump called it “pretty savvy”, “wonderful” and “genius” and bragged about his friendship with Putin. Biden united NATO, armed Ukraine, and called Putin “a war criminal” while simultaneously negotiating Trevor Reed’s release.

Trump posed as a tough guy while he flattered Putin and left Reed to rot in prison. Biden showed genuine compassion by meeting with the Reeds and real toughness by calling Putin out.

Putin respects only strength. Biden’s strength brought Trevor Reed home.

Rich Cooper

Vietnam Vet



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