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Letter to the editor: The NC Republican Party is now owned by MAGA, Brunswick Beacon

A majority of Republicans voted to formally censure Senator Thom Tillis at the party’s annual convention in Greensboro. The senator has a history of working with moderates on both sides of the aisle on a wide range of issues. “We need people who are unwavering in their support for conservative ideals,” said Jim Forster, an 81-year-old delegate from Guilford. “His recent actions don’t reflect the party’s shift to the right — in fact, they’re moving in the exact wrong direction.”

Forster is representative of the Republican mob that is trying to force citizens of NC to live by MAGA Republican values. This should be concerning to all but most particularly many of the unaffiliated voters who want government leaders in NC to have moderate and balanced views on social and policy issues. A party which allows no room for discussion or discourse is authoritarian and contrary to our democracy.

Every voter needs to think very hard about whether they want to live in an Authoritarian state where citizens live under unconstitutional restrictions.

Rob Priddy



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