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Letter to the editor: Republicans reject Reagan, praise Putin, Brunswick Beacon

Trump’s kowtowing to Putin humiliates and endangers America. John Bolton, Trump’s National Security Advisor, says Trump thinks “personal relationships with foreign leaders, especially authoritarians, are all that matter” and that Putin considers Trump “an easy mark.” 

Putin is using Trump to achieve his goal to break NATO. Trump’s statement that he would tell Russia, “Do whatever the hell they want” with NATO allies who “don’t pay” is laying the groundwork to get out in a second Trump term. 

Trump called Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine “genius” and demanded that Republicans block American aid to Ukraine. The bill passed the Senate, but most Republicans cowardly followed Trump’s directive. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) refused even to allow the bill to come to a vote. 

Meanwhile, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) praised Putin’s Tucker Carlson interview, saying “an awful lot of what Putin said was right.” By refusing Ukraine aid, Johnson’s statement that, “Putin won’t lose,” becomes self-fulfilling. He criticized “many people in Washington” for “making people believe that Ukraine can win.” 

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) said, “Putin’s on top of his game.” Incredibly, he blamed America for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: “We kept forcing NATO all the way to Eastern Europe, and Putin just got tired of it.” 

Republicans’ timing could not have been worse, coming as we learned of Putin’s plans to destroy American satellites and his success in killing opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Nikki Haley said, “Putin did this. The same Putin who Donald Trump praises and defends.” 

Scuttling Ukraine aid tells America’s allies we cannot be trusted. Poland’s Prime Minister, Donald Tusk said: “Dear Republican Senators of America. Ronald Reagan, who helped us win back our freedom and independence, must be turning in his grave today. Shame on you!” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) replied, “I could care less what you think.” 

The current GOP has sadly abandoned its former, steadfast principles to support our democratic allies. Now they are happy to do Putin and other authoritarian leaders’ dirty work for them. 

Bob Bannerman 



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