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Letter to the editor: From Russia with love, Brunswick Beacon

Love has blossomed between Republicans and their Big Daddy, Vladimir Putin. When Republicans blocked military aid to Ukraine, Putin’s mouthpieces blew them kisses.

“Well done, Republicans! They’re standing firm! That’s good for us,” cheered Russian State TV’s Olga Skabeeva.

“This will be a revelation to other countries. It’s more dangerous to be a friend of the United States than its enemy. They will abandon you, leaving nothing but scorched earth on your territory,” Roman Golovanov gushed.

‘Yellen screamed, “Don’t you dare!” Biden screamed, “Don’t you dare!” but Republicans said, “Go to hell! We won’t give your khokhols [slur for “Ukrainians”] any money,” screamed Putin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

US intelligence says Russia lost 315,000, or 87% of its troops and 2200 of its 3500 battle tanks since invading Ukraine. Putin cannot win without Republican help.

Republicans help Putin to please Trump, who was impeached for withholding arms from Ukraine. Trump envies Putin and idolizes him like his own Big Daddy. Trump called Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “genius” and sided with Putin against US Intelligence assessments that Putin directly ordered Russian interference in the 2016 election to make Trump president. Robert Mueller reported 10 instances where Trump obstructed his Russia investigation BEFORE we learned that top-secret intelligence on Putin’s interference vanished after Trump ordered it brought to the White House.

At rallies, Trump repeats and praises Putin’s attack on “the rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others about democracy.” No former president has ever been so contemptuous of American democracy.

Republicans are also ”rootin’ for Putin” because he scorns democracy and promotes white supremacy and intolerance of religious minorities. Fiona Hill, Trump’s Russia advisor, says Republicans are “hellbent on undermining democracy to exert minority rule.”

John McCain said Republicans’ campaign to derail the investigation of Russia's election interference helped only Putin. With McCain gone, Republicans are free to follow their heart. Nowadays, their heart belongs to Daddy.

Larry Widman


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