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Judge Quintin McGee Should Remain at His Post, Brunswick Beacon

Voters have a crucial choice to make regarding the District 13 Court Judge position, serving Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus Counties. District Court judges decide cases that can have a huge impact on people’s lives— particularly children. They hear cases on civil matters like divorce and child custody/support, juvenile delinquency/neglect/abuse issues, criminal charges (usually misdemeanors, including traffic violations), and more.

In this midterm election, there is only one candidate who has experience as a District Court Judge — and who has built a solid reputation as a supremely honorable, fair-minded jurist in that role. Judge Quintin McGee, our current District 13 Court Judge, has garnered respect that bridges party lines and reflects both the quality of his work and his universal appeal. Meet him and talk with him, as I have on multiple occasions, and one can’t help but be impressed.

Judge McGee served as a private practice attorney, a prosecutor for the State of North Carolina for eight years, and now a District Court Judge for two years. He has a proven track record of success in all three roles. In addition, he gives back to his community in impressively substantial ways.

He volunteers with multiple programs that benefit youth, serving as a board member with the local/regional Boys Scouts of America, United Way, and Communities in Schools. In 2021, the Republican NC Supreme Court Chief Justice appointed Judge McGee to serve on his Task Force on Adverse Childhood Experiences Informed Courts.

Judge McGee’s opponent has NO judicial experience, nor does he have experience as a public service attorney. It’s galling to see his road signs, which are misleading at best because they proclaim, “Vote for Experience.”

Brunswick County and surrounds would not be best-served by someone learning on the job how to be a judge, when we have an outstanding judge already in place. Vote to keep Judge Quintin McGee.

Mark Allen

Holden Beach


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