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How a bill becomes a law, Brunswick Beacon

As kids, we learned how a bill becomes law. Nowadays, kids (and adults) can be forgiven if they don’t understand this process, given how few examples we’ve seen lately. The MAGA Republican-controlled House of Representatives has been laser-focused on editing January 6th videos to obscure the faces of insurrectionists and trying to impeach President Biden. Legislation, apparently, can wait.

Democrat Jeff Jackson represents North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District. As an Afghanistan war Army veteran and National Guard officer, Jackson knows plenty about patriotism and public service. North Carolina’s MAGA Republican politicians want Rep. Jackson out, and they’ve aggressively gerrymandered his district so that he stands virtually no chance of reelection.

Undaunted, Rep. Jackson continues working hard for the voters who elected him. He recently filed legislation to expand parental leave to include fathers and adoptive parents in National Guard and Reserve families. He garnered some Republican support and filed a bill in the House. As a freshman member of Congress, he lacked the influence needed to advance the legislation.

However, as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, he attached the provision as an amendment to a defense appropriations bill. He then shepherded the amendment through endless legislative and budgetary roadblocks. When the committee finally voted, his amendment passed unanimously. It also passed the full House vote as part of the defense bill.

Unfortunately, one Senator opposed the measure, and the Senate’s draft bill omitted Jackson’s amendment, requiring a special committee to resolve legislative differences. The final bill passed the Senate with the amendment, providing vital support to our National Guard and Reserve families. That’s how a bill becomes law.

Representative Jeff Jackson and his fellow Democrats in Congress are working hard to improve the lives of hardworking Americans. MAGA Republicans would rather protect insurrectionists and undermine Democracy. In 2024, please vote accordingly.

Laura McGann



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