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Democrats save us from MAGA arsonists, Brunswick Beacon

We don’t let arsonists run the fire department: they just want to watch the world burn. After MAGA radicals twice blocked bills funding national defense, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said, “[they] just want to burn the whole place down.” Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) said, “they just handed a win to the Chinese Communist Party.”

McCarthy shares the blame. In June, he agreed with President Biden to cap spending and raise the debt ceiling for two years. Former Republican Speaker Paul Ryan called it a “great deal.” It got bipartisan approval in the House (314-117) and Senate (63-36).

McCarthy reneged on the deal because Trump attacked it and urged his MAGA minions to “shut down the government” and “defund these prosecutions against me.” Trump’s allies threatened to remove McCarthy as Speaker unless he welched on his deal and started impeachment hearings against Biden. McCarthy capitulated, but Republicans’ lead witness, Professor Jonathan Turley, torched the impeachment effort by testifying there wasn’t enough evidence to impeach Biden!

A government shutdown would have forced 1.3 million servicemembers to work without pay. Seven million women and children fed by the Special Nutrition Assistance Program would have gone hungry. McCarthy couldn’t keep the government open with just Republican votes, so 209 Democrats outvoted 90 MAGA arsonists and helped pass a clean 45-day funding extension. Incensed that McCarthy dowsed MAGA’s flames with Democratic votes, Matt Gaetz (R-FL), promised to remove McCarthy as Speaker. “Nobody trusts Kevin McCarthy,” Gaetz added.

The only person who benefitted from MAGA’s bonfire of insanity was Trump’s pal Putin, who got Ukraine aid removed. Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) called MAGA “a clown show,” adding, “You keep running lunatics, you’re going to be in this position.” If Trump and his MAGA “lunatics” win in 2024, they’ll spend the next four years setting fire to your future to settle old scores from Trump’s past.

Vince Amoroso

Sunset Beach


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