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Convenient omission, Brunswick Beacon

On April 18, the Brunswick County Board of Elections voted to continue participating with the nonpartisan U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence. On April 27, the Brunswick Beacon published an extensive piece on the decision, factually laying out the issue and the stances of both Democrats and Republicans regarding the outcome.

I take exception to a letter published in the May 11 Beacon, written by Steve Cooper. Mr. Cooper purposely omitted a portion of a statement I made, which was cited in the April 27 Beacon article. Only by omitting that portion was Mr. Cooper able to make his biased point.

Here's what Mr. Cooper "quoted" in his letter: “It guarantees the BOE ... will continue running elections ... without anyone, including the county commission, looking over their shoulder.” He even admits that the ellipses are there, “to highlight my point,” which was this: “one might wonder why they would not want to show off how professionally they handle vote counts in an unbiased manner.”

Here's what I actually said, which appeared in the Beacon's article: “Today’s vote is a victory for all Brunswick County voters,” Shelley Allen, the party’s new chair, said. “It guarantees the BOE and its nationally recognized staff will continue running elections in a professional, independent, and bipartisan manner, without anyone – including the County Commission – looking over their shoulder.” Mr. Cooper hypocritically cited a "lack of transparency" as a problem with elections; then, in an utter lack of transparency, took out the part of my statement that didn't fit his narrative.

The Board of Elections staff in Brunswick County is unfailingly professional and transparent regarding their work. What they don't need is ill-informed politicians telling them how to do their jobs based on conspiracy theories and political tropes. Perhaps Mr. Cooper should check out the Board of Elections’ "Election Education Series" to learn the truth. Attending the “Open House Election Expo” on May 18 would be a good start.

Shelley Allen

Holden Beach


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