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Common Sense Resolutions

It was my assumption that the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners was reluctant in making resolutions. However, my opinion changed at a recent meeting because several resolutions were either adopted or proposed. Therefore, it was suggested that resolutions on the following three issues be considered: 1) Shared cost for the reverse osmosis system for water purification by Brunswick County and Chemours; 2 Immediate re-activation of the NCDOT plan to build a fourth bridge across the Cape Fear River and 3) Prohibition of seismic testing and offshore drilling along the NC coast.

Now, let us briefly consider the reasoning for these resolutions. Resolution 1 is related to the pollution of the Cape Fear River, our source of drinking water, with dangerous chemicals by an irresponsible company (Chemours). Why should taxpayers of Brunswick County have to pay ~ $100 million for a water purification system and the polluter doesn’t have to pay a single penny?

Resolution 2 – If you want to promote county-wide economic development in the housing and manufacturing sectors as well as tourism, it is imperative that infrastructure be upgraded, including the building of the Cape Fear Crossing Bridge.

Resolution 3 – My parents, farmers in Northeastern NC, shared a wise saying with me at an early age: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. Since Florida politicians successfully petitioned the federal government to exempt their coast from offshore drilling, why can’t the NC congressional delegation do the same to protect our tourist industry from potential pollution? The citizens of Brunswick County will be watching and waiting for the Board’s response.

William Flythe 2/3/20

Southport, NC


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