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 March 25-28, 2021

As you can see, there are many types of items to donate. March 19 is the last day for donations to be accepted.

The way for us to make money is to have many items donated by our members. The return to us is 90%. This is a GREAT way to raise money. 

Please contact Lisa Mosca for questions or donations (contact information below.)  

Lisa Mosca 


BCDP is taking part in a virtual Charity Auction. This fundraising event will be all online. Charity Auctions offers a platform for organizations to raise money.

The auction will open for bidding on Thursday March 25th at 6 am and bidding closes on Sunday March 28th at 9 pm.

Here is how it works:


To buy -- Charity Auctions offers many items on their site for people to bid on and buy. They offer electronics, art, sports memorabilia, sports equipment, and many other items.  Your bid to buy includes the purchase of the item from Charity Auctions; any amount above the cost of the item goes to the BCDP,  i.e. if the item costs $20 and you bid and pay $30, $10 goes to BCDP. Charity Auction items are mailed directly to you.   

To sell/donate -- BCDP items will be posted on the site. We get all of the bid money except for a 10% hosting fee.  

BCDP donated items will be available for pick up at headquarters.

Some suggestions for donations:

  • Original artwork if you are an artist 

  • Craft items that are useful and attractive  

  • Items donated by businesses: furniture, car tires, a car service, legal service like a will, etc. 

  • Gift baskets 

  • Beach items and yard items 

  • Crocheted/knitted items 

  • Wine baskets

  • Restaurant Certificates

  • Membership to organizations or business, museum, gym

  • Monetary donation for “A Day at the Beach” includes Yeti cooler and other items, beach chairs, towels etc.

  • Collectable Memorabilia, sports items, signed items, etc.


Here are some of the wonderful items that our members have already donated for the auction:

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